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Beginners Class

5 yrs and up

This class is for boys who have never taken a gymnastics class. Learn safety techniques, terminology and get a feel for the equipment. Great class to help decide if this sport is for you.

Monthly registration required.

60 min   $85/ Month

Recreational Levels 

5 yrs and up

Work on skill charts to move up through levels 1-5. Classes learn skills on Floor, Vault, Parallel Bars, Bars, Rings, Mushroom and Trampoline. 

Monthly registration required.

60 min    $85/ Month

Flyers Rec Team

5 yrs and up

Great for those boys wanting more of a challenge. We teach the boys routines on 5 events and they perform them at our 5 in house competitions. These FUN competitions will teach the boys how to preform and each gymnast will be given ribbons based on their performance. Each boy will need to purchase a team shirt for their corresponding level.  

Monthly registration required.

60 min 2x/week    $165/ Month

Laying Down Trampoline
Homeschool Class

5 yrs and up

This is a coed class taught earlier in the day. This class

is more movement based along with gymnastics skills. Great for those families who want their kids in the same class.

Monthly registration required.

60 min   $85/ Month

Classes are grouped by age and by skill level. Gymnasts work at their own pace through the skills on vault, parallel bars, bars, rings, mushroom, floor and trampoline.  Coaches focus on helping each student achieve her own personal best, to increase confidence and to maintain a positive learning environment. 


Gymnastics classes develop a strong foundation for all sports and physical activities, and are a fun way to learn new skills.

All new members are subject to an annual membership fee.

Competitive Team

We currently offer

competitive gymnastics for boys USAG Junior Developmental

 Levels 4-6.

All team placements are done by evaluation. Contact us for more info.

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