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Parent and Tot

Walking - 2 yrs

A great introduction to taking classes with the fun of mom or dad being there.

Classes are drop in only.

30 min   $12/ Class

Preschool 1

3 yrs 

Your child's first Big Kid class. Kids learn how to take turns, listen and follow directions.

Monthly registration required.

45 min      $63/ Month

Preschool 2

4 yrs

This class focuses on getting those big kids skills like handstands, cartwheels and pullovers. Along with coordination and gross motor skills.

Monthly registration required.

45 min  $63/ Month


Preschool Plus

4 & 5 yrs

This class is a continuation of our Pre2 class for those kids who aren't ready to move to an hour-long class.

Monthly registration required.

45 min  $63/ Month


   We work on beginning gymnastics skills with fun games and props designed to enhance coordination, motor skill development, and Kindergarten readiness.  Each student progresses at his or he​​​​​​​r own pace through the skill levels.  Preschool classes at HFG are an excellent foundation for all sports and activities.


It is a great way to make new friends
and practice social skills as we get ready for school.

All new members are subject to an annual membership fee.

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