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 5 yrs and up

Students learn the foundations of tumbling and Extreme Ninja. They learn basic skills, safety, and terminology needed to progress to the harder skills.

Monthly registration required.

60 min   $85/ Month

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6 yrs and up

Students will learn  more flipping type skills and harder ninja skills as well as using more advanced obstacle courses. 

Monthly registration required.

60 min    $85/ Month

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7 yrs and up

Students that have mastered the skills required in the intermediate class will start learning how to do more twisting type flips and the advanced ninja skills.

Monthly registration required.

60 min    $85/ Month


Extreme Ninja classes are a combination of gymnastics, karate and obstacle courses. Kind of like everyone's favorite TV show.

We have state of the art Ninja equipment including a changeable built in obstacle course as well as the challenging warped wall. 

These classes are a great way to get the wiggles out for boys and girls

All new members are subject to an annual membership fee.

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