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COVID Policies

Health Questions

Question Mark Square

Everyone who enters will be asked a series of health questions pertaining to COVID-19 symptoms. Those who cannot answer NO to any of the questions will be asked to return when they can.


Blue on white spray bottle

Students and Coaches will use hand sanitizer or wash hands before, during and after class. Lobby and common areas will be sanitized hourly. All equipment and mats are bleached daily.

Social Distancing

Team Building

We have separate entrance and exit in our lobby to help maintain flow and distancing. We ask that all customers maintain social distancing while in our facility. Class sizes are now smaller and limited to help with social distancing.


Surgical Mask

We recommend using a mask while in the facility. Students are recommended to wear them when in the common areas. Masks are not required during class as it represents a safety hazard. You may chose to have your child wear one. If you chose to we will make sure to accommodate for them. 

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